Please, read the additional Safety Notices at the bottom of this page.

On this page, you can purchase a Doug machine in two installments. The first payment is due when you order the machine. This reserves your place in the waiting list, and allows us to purchase the parts for your machine. The second (final) payment is due when the machine is built. (You will be notified about a week in advance.)
Modular 3D Coil Machine Extension Unit AND One Air-Cooled Coil
(The coil and shipping charges are INCLUDED in the price below.)

Inluded are: coil machine extension unit, one coil, all cables and instructions.

Total price (including packaging and shipping to continental US address): $2,520.00
(Please, call us if you require no shipping!)

First Installment: $1,260.00
Second (Final) Installment: $1,260.00
Due before machine is shipped.
Please, call or e-mail us for further technical information. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Safety Notices and Disclaimers

Coil machines are not FDA approved or recommended for use on humans.

Persons who are pregnant or have a pacemaker should NOT use or operate these machines.

Safety precautions regarding electric instruments and magnetic fields should be taken as posted on the machine.

These machines are for the purpose of personal investigation into the effects of electromagnetic frequencies. If the user has a serious medical condition, the use of this technology should not replace any competent medical advice the user is currently receiving.

The user should understand that the biological mechanisms of response from this instrument are not known, and should employ this device for experimental use only.

The user must undertake responsible experimentation and voluntarily accept all responsibility for the application of this device.

The user cannot hold the builder of this instrument responsible for any consequences, harmful or otherwise, that may occur as a result of the use of this instrument. The builder cannot take any responsibility for those who treat themselves.